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UPDATE: 15 total confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Floyd County; 4 new cases on May 21st

The number confirmed COVID-19 cases was stuck at 11 for almost a week between May 15th and the 20th. Also on May 15th, Floyd County tested a record 132 people; only confirming one case that day.  

After that day, Floyd County drastically slowed down testing. Even with minimal testing, the area confirmed 4 new cases on May 21st – pushing the grand total to 15. 

Cerro Gordo County with 20 confirmed cases, is the only adjacent county to Floyd with more cases. Cerro Gordo County has nearly 3-times the amount of people. 

Floyd County is sitting at 1 coronavirus-related death.

In brighter news, 8 of the 15 Floyd County COVID-19 cases have fully recovered from the virus.

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