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Charles City Mayor on the Suspension Bridge vandalism: ‘not the proper way to express yourself’

Gov. Kim Reynolds called a midday press conference on Monday to discuss the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25th, and the protests in Iowa and around the country in response to his demise.


Reynolds condemned looting and any other form of violent protest and promised to ‘listen’ to anybody’s grievances when it comes to racial injustice in Iowa.  


Protesting has occurred all across the country in the last couple of days – from Minneapolis, to Los Angeles, to Des Moines. Even on a local level, tremors of this unrest have reached Charles City.

Over the weekend, the Charles City Suspension Bridge was spray-painted with messages such as: ‘Black Lives Matter’ and other protest symbols. 

Mayor Dean Andrews doesn’t agree with this sort of protest.


In Andrew’s eyes, better and more ample communication is the right way to solve these types of issues.


Andrews says he will have these conversations with locals. He also says Councilman Phillip Knighten, who created ‘Be The Bridge – Charles City’, a ‘racial reconciliation group designed to create unity, peace and love in our city’, is also a great resource for anybody who would like to start a dialogue or conversation. 

Andrews alludes that a team was out Monday morning scrubbing the pedestrian bridge. The graffiti came off the railings but the imagery on the wood foot-holds were more difficult – as they were forced to sand off the letters.

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