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Unofficial election results: Craig Clark over Charley Thomson; incumbent Steve King loses seat

All 8 local precincts met at the Floyd County Courthouse this time around on June 2nd to vote for many different Iowa political races. Most noteworthy was the battle to be the Republican candidate for the House District 52. The two candidates in this race were Charley Thomson and Craig Clark

According to the unofficial results from the Floyd County Auditor’s Facebook page, 743 votes were cast in the race, and Clark received a majority 66.35% (493) of them to become the unofficial winner; where Thompson garnered a minority 32.97% (245) of the votes.

Todd Prichard was running unopposed for the Democratic nomination and took in 99.40% (988) of the votes.

In the County Supervisor race, incumbent Linda Tjaden was running unopposed and won her Republican nomination with 98.12% (730) of the vote.

On a state level, incumbent U.S. Representative District 4 Republican Steve King (32.68% in Floyd County) was outvoted for the red-nomination by Randy Feenstra (45.75% in Floyd County) and will not be able to vie for his seat in the upcoming general election.


Feenstra took to Facebook Live after he won to talk about the upcoming general election and to assure Iowan’s he would make needed changes if given the seat.

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