Chickasaw County announces 4th new case of COVID-19 in 4 days

In Chickasaw County more than 25% of all the COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in the last 4 days – between 6/2 and 6/5. The total cases in the county is currently sitting at 14. 13 of these 14 cases are in one of the younger age ranges from 18-40; though none of these cases were found to be related. 

Also out of 14 cases, 11 of these people have fully recovered from the virus and are no longer being monitored by public health officials. 

In Floyd County, the area has been without a new case since May 23rd; a day which had 2 confirmed cases. The death total has clinged to 1 in the county and 15 of the 19 are fully recovered from the virus.

The daily updates of COVID-19 numbers in Chickasaw County go to the Facebook page: Chickasaw County Emergency Management Agency. 

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