Head coach of Comet softball: ‘we haven’t lost a step’ compared to last year’s team

A year ago, the Charles City Comet Softball team finished third in the Class 4A softball tournament. The team had state champion aspirations and finished the season having won more than 90% of their games. That team went on to lose an extra-inning game in the semifinal match. A year later, and a similar-but-different team is about to take the field post-pandemic. With the Comets eyeing their first game on June 15th, Head Coach Brian Bohlen expects some people to believe the team has regressed from last year’s dominance.

 Bohlen reassures locals this team has not been negatively affected by the pandemic and is in no universe worse than last year.


As the pandemic toiled on, Bohlen says the team definitely was working on their own.


This year, both Comet baseball and softball will be able to play on the new sports complexes located at the Charles City high school. 


The Comet softball team will be conducting their opening day versus Decorah at home on June 15th.

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