Charles City area ‘Dollars for Scholars’ ceremony gives out $50,225 worth of scholarships to students

‘Virtual can be the next best thing,’ is what the Dollars for Scholars team acknowledged when they realized the event for the Charles City 2020 seniors would need to be held online this year. Over $50,000 dollars, 72 scholarships, and 50 student recipients were matched up this year – $8,000 more dollars than is normally given out during this event.


Scholarships anywhere from $500 to $2,500 were given out this year.

The highest paying scholarships were given to:

  • One of the largest went to Alexis Vance for the Dean Volkes Memorial ($1,500) scholarship
  • Jacie Wink and Nathan Schultz were both presented the Charles Theatre ($1,750) scholarship


And the most financially beneficial scholarship of the night was given to Brooklyn Tynan for the Dollars for Scholars ($2,500).

To see the entire virtual ceremony and find out who won the rest of the scholarships – visit:

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