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BREAKING: New Hampton pool won’t open this summer

New Hampton Parks and Rec Director Rick Kramer admits it has been a long couple of months leading up to this decision. After gathering information from the CDC, IDPH, and numerous other park and rec departments, it was evident the New Hampton Municipal Pool would be better left unopened for the summer.


The New Hampton park board last night voted completely evenly: a 3-3 split vote which resulted in the pool being closed for the summer. In the scenario where a split vote occurs, the motion to open can not be processed. 


The nay-voters cited how difficult it would be for young lifeguards to juggle keeping kids from drowning, while also making sure not too many of them mingled. 

Either way, the pool would have opened to only 130 kids at a time and the concession would have remained closed for the year. The pool would have also needed to close for 30 minutes at a time to deep clean the area.


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