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Bid approved for Charley Western Trail Bridge reconstruction

The Charley Western Trail Bridge toppled in 2017. On Monday at the Charles City city council meeting, the board approved a bid and now the bridge is set to be built by Fall of 2021 – a year later than the original plans intended.

Originally, the city council estimated the bridge could be built for $1.2 million. After only receiving a single bid of $1.59 million in January, the council decided to wait until summer to ask for more bids. 

The second round of bids came in $190,000 over the estimate – $1.39 million from Godbersen-Smith Construction of Ida Grove. This is the bid the council accepted this week.

To make up the difference between the estimate and the accepted bid, City Engineer John Fallis suggested the council consider ‘toning down’ the bridge by swapping out the railing with chain link fence and by excluding the lighting and sitting areas from the final project. Though Mayor Dean Andrews hopes fundraising will take place soon to provide the extra $190,000 so the bridge can be built according to the blueprints.

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