Floyd County coronavirus UPDATE

In terms of coronavirus numbers, Floyd County’s curve has flattened.

To contrast:

In the 2 weeks between May 9th and May 23rd there were 15 new confirmed cases. 

In the 25 days after May 23rd, there have been 3 new confirmed cases.

Overall, Floyd County has 21 confirmed cases with the last two being one on June 11th and then one on June 16th. 

1,283 Floyd County residents have been tested for the virus and 1.6% of those tests have come back positive. The last time the county tested more than 50 residents was June 4th where public health reported 112 tests without a single positive case.

Lastly, out of the 21 confirmed cases, 17 of these people are fully recovered and have acclimated back into the population. 

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