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Floyd County virus numbers continue to soar; Chautauqua facilities announce cases

After the weekend, the coronavirus numbers continue to climb in Floyd County. Friday and Saturday confirmed 2 cases respectfully; Sunday 1 new case was confirmed. Overall, Floyd County has 34 total cases of the virus – a week ago there were only 21. 

Two of these cases come from the Chautauqua facilities in Charles City. Susan Ayers released a presser on the matter: 

“Thursday, June 18 that a resident at each facility had tested positive for Covid-19. These are the first positive cases at any of the Chautauqua facilities. Other residents at both 9th and 11th Street Chautauqua are receiving enhanced monitoring and screening for symptoms of Covid-19 at least twice daily since receiving notification of the positive tests.”


The release continues:

“Staff will continue to be screened prior to beginning each work shift with active temperature monitoring and screening questions. Temperatures will again be recorded at the conclusion of each shift. The overwhelming goal at this time is maintaining the health and safety of all residents and staff.’

The release encourages family members to visit loved ones virtually:

Window and virtual visitation is strongly encouraged and all facilities have equipment and assistance to make these visits possible. Communal dining and group activities have been discontinued during this time also. Any reopening plans will be on hold until disease resolution for the affected residents and required time parameters associated with these have been completed.”

Ayers asks locals to take precautions to slow down the community spread.

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