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Charles City and Floyd County ambulance contract approved

The Charles City and Floyd County American Medical Response (AMR) ambulance 3-year contract has been approved. According to City Administrator Steve Diers, this has been a long and drawn out process to this eventual deal. 


The city and county will both be paying $262,500 each over the course of 3 years for the services. 

AMR will provide the area with an advanced life support ambulance with a paramedic and a basic life support ambulance with EMTs – these services will be available 24/7. AMR will transport between hospitals for the Floyd County Medical Center.

Last year AMR made it apparent that they wouldn’t be able to continue serving the area without support, while still paying fees to the local entities. 


This is why in the 2019-2020 contract with the city, the city paid AMR $50,000 and alleviated $24,000 worth of fees that was used to put the services within the fire station.

The new 3 year AMR contract also entails:

  1. Charles City will provide office space for AMR’s employees. The city and the county will both pay a third of the rent for the AMR’s current office space until they move.
  2. AMR will provide the city with revenues, trip numbers, expenses, and other information to the city council and board of supervisors.
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