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Charles City schools release statement on recent incident involving ‘bigoted comments’ at away athletic event

During a recent school board meeting, Superintendent of the Charles City School System Mike Fisher talked about one of their goals: ‘equity and social justice’.


Fisher and the district amplified their continued ‘regardless’ mission by sending out a statement of support for the area’s families in regards to a recent incident:

During a recent away athletic contest one of our African-Amercian players endured several bigoted comments yelled from the crowd. This included, “Get back to the fields!” and “You’re only here because of George Floyd.” Sadly, this has been a pattern of behavior that our students of color have had to endure in many different places and contexts and is part of their daily experience.

This is unacceptable. As a place where we do what is best for all kids, We feel compelled to speak out and bring light to the situations that routinely happen to our kids. Our students must know we have their backs regardless of the circumstances and that we are fighting shoulder to shoulder with them to end oppression and to create the world that we know is possible. Our state and nation needs to know that our thoughts, words, and actions matter. We must do better. We must be better.”


Fisher says the school district will continue to lean-in to the tough conversations.


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