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‘Census Surge Week’ July 13-17; Charles City reminds locals how getting counted helps area

The last time the Census was taken in Charles City was April 1st, 2010 – also known as Census Day. The Census indication was that Chuck Town was harboring 7,652 people. This year, Census collection has been jumbled due to the ever-shifting pandemic – Mayor Dean Andrews reminds people how important it is that each and every person gets checked off.


The City of Charles City Facebook page recently posted:

“Next week is Census Surge Week with the goal of having as many households as possible complete the 2020 census questionnaire online. Getting an accurate count of the people in Charles City will help all of us since much of our funding is based on population. The more people we can count, the more funding we will receive for roads, libraries and many other services the city provides. Help us help you by filling out your census information online. And if you have done so already, we thank you! Go to www.census.gov for more information and to fill out your form online.”

Andrews says people shouldn’t worry about protecting their personal information – as most of it won’t even be asked for.


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