Osage superintendent to speak at the ‘Code Breaker Power Summit’ about teaching computer sciences K-12

Osage community schools have always been committed to computer sciences. And this starts from the top down – Superintendent of Osage Barb Schwamman will soon be presenting at the ‘Code Breaker Power Summit’ on July 20th. Her presentation is called ‘Computer Science in Every School’.

Schwamman’s main pledge is to teach coding and app creation skills K-12 or from elementary school through high school – an idea only about half of Iowa schools adhere to.


Osage is so committed to computer sciences, that Gov. Kim Reynolds invited some of the younger students and faculty to the capital to be recognized during January’s Condition of the State address.


At the Code Breaker event, Schwamman will teach educators how to implement computer sciences in elementary schools and beyond – she will also help schools develop ways to create an Esports team for their students.

Osage’s high school Esports team members are constantly recruited by area colleges and have won many events all over the state.


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