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UPDATE: Charles City broadband project

One of the last dominoes that need to fall before Charles City can get the broadband project rolling is where the financing will come from. Once this is figured out, Mayor Dean Andrews says the team will be able to finally hire a general manager and start refurbishing the telecommunications center on Main Street.


Iowa town’s normally have an established municipal utility to help back the project – conversely, Charles City is creating the broadband project from scratch.

Many financing avenues for the project have turned out to be dead ends – but the team has many more options to look through and will most likely have their financing ducks-in-a-row by July 21st.

Andrews assures the general public that they will not have to pay for this project.


The financing road-blocks have pushed back the activation of these services by a month or more. The original plan was for broadband services to be available in Winter of this year. The new timeline is now aiming at Spring or Summer 2021.


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