Floyd County Fair (July 15-20) closed to public; watch all events on Facebook live

The Floyd County Fair is set to go today – with the horse show taking place first. This event, like every event this week, will be closed entirely to the public.

Back on June 1st the fair Facebook page posted what many thought was inevitable:

“Floyd County Fair Board has made the difficult decision to cancel all ground entertainment and grandstand attractions for the 2020 Floyd County Fair scheduled for July 15-19.”

Since all the events would be closed to the public, the fair board pledged to Facebook live each event.


Facebook Live Schedule:

Wednesday, July 15th at 10am – Horse Show

Thursday, July 16th at 10am – Sheep Show followed by the Meat Goat Show

Friday, July 17th at 10am – Poultry Show

Friday, July 17th at 1pm – Rabbit Show

Saturday, July 18th at 9am – Beef Show

Sunday, July 19th at 10am – Bucket/Bottle Calf Show

Sunday, July 19 at 4pm – Dog & Pet Show

Monday, July 20th at 10am – Swine Show

The board says each show will consist of the exhibitor showing their animal and then returning it home after. Each exhibitor will also get two plus-ones to be distributed to family or friends they would like to be there.

The board is hoping to reschedule some of the missed events for this upcoming Fall.

To watch the events live:

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