Weeks before colleges set to begin, Charles City schools officially cancel 2020 prom

2020 high school seniors will be starting their college careers in just over 4 weeks, and the Charles City seniors have not yet had a prom. District principal Bryan Jurrens says this is because the area students will not be getting one.


Jurrens says after talking to public health officials, prom would be way too restrictive to actually be any fun – the dance would require social distancing of 6 feet. And overall, the consensus from the area seniors is simple: they are ready to start a new life chapter.


Osage Community Schools held a prom in late June to couple with their graduation ceremony and it was touted as a success by many around the event. Jurrens says Charles City faculty have contacted Osage about how they ran their prom – but it wouldn’t work for Charles City.


Jurrens teased a possibility that the school might invite the seniors back in the future to participate in a make-up prom, but this idea is currently in the spit-balling phase.

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