And now, Party in Park is cancelled for the year

And now, Party in the Park is gone too. Chamber of Commerce Director in Charles City Mark Wicks has officially announced the cancellation of the rest of the beloved summer events.

At the beginning of the summer, Wicks postponed the first Party in the Park – and then the second – hoping that the COVID-19 case numbers would ease off the gas by the time the July events were slated.


Wicks admits this is a ‘very big disappointment’ for the staff and city – though it wasn’t going to be possible. Especially with the sponsors sentiments being considered.


The Chamber sent out a ‘Pulse Poll’ over the last couple of weeks to gauge how willing the community was to attend an outdoor event of the sorts – the results came back negative as 9% (almost 700 people) took the poll and the majority were not very confident about attending an outdoor event in the near future.


Wicks says the team is working hard to create a summer event for the community to safely participate in.

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