After the weekend: Floyd, Chickasaw, Cerro Gordo virus updates

After the weekend, the coronavirus positive case count in Floyd County is now nearing 100 – at 95 total cases. According to, 68 of these cases are fully recovered which means that there are a total of 27 active COVID-19 cases in the area. Good news comes out of these numbers, as the death count related to the virus in the area has held steady at 2 for over a month.

Cerro Gordo County has nearly triple the population of Floyd County and had similar case numbers for the first couple of months – but is now pulling away. Cerro Gordo has more than 5x the amount of confirmed cases as Floyd with 534.

Lastly, Chickasaw County only has 8 active cases in the area. The entire case count is 45 – 37 of them who have fully recovered. Chickasaw is one of the many counties left in Iowa without a single death related to the virus.

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