4-vehicle accident on Avenue of the Saints puts Floyd woman in the hospital

A 4-vehicle crash occurred on the Avenue of the Saints near Floyd on July 28th. According to the Iowa State Patrol, this crash happened at around 2:30 p.m. when a southbound vehicle sitting at a stop sign was hit on the driver’s side by a passing vehicle. This caused the second car to be propelled into the north turning lane on Highway 18 – before hitting a third car also stopped at a stop sign.

The jolt from this second car caused the third car to be knocked into a fourth vehicle. This pile up caused traffic to be completely blocked on the Avenue. 

The pile up injured 45-year-old Angela Connerley from Floyd enough to be taken by AMR Ambulance to the hospital.

The other people included in the crash are:

52-year-old Jill Ehrhardt out of Northwood

37-year-old Kyle Trytten out of Mitchell

64-year-old Janea Lavigne out of Charles City

61-year-old Wayne Nolt out of Charles City 


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