Osage and Riceville superintendent talks mask requirement for students and staff

Already laid out, both Riceville and Osage school systems have released their ‘Return to Learn’ plans. These plans can be explained as ‘80-20’ plans (more information about these plans can be found: 

These school systems, led by the same Superintendent Barb Schwamman, have even gone a step past their plans and released information about how the school will handle masks and sanitizing during the actual school year.

In both school districts, masks, glass partitions, and sanitization will be used to slow down the viruses spread.


Masks will need to be used anywhere it is impossible to socially distance – this means bus rides and in the hallways – but in classrooms the students should have enough room to spread out cleanly.


Faculty will be required to wear their masks as much as possible. 

Among these mask standards, Osage will be implementing other regulations:


  • Students and staff will have required sanitizing and hand washing times – when entering new rooms and in between class periods
  • Water fountains will be limited to no-touch functions only
  • No visitors will be allowed in buildings
  • In K-5, teachers will change rooms – not the students




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