Going into the weekend: Floyd County breaks through 100 virus case total

After the weekend, the virus count in Floyd County was stable at 96 total confirmed cases – pushing up against the century mark. Now going into this weekend, Floyd County has popped through that round number and is sitting at 106. Meaning during this work week, the county shot up 10 total cases. With most of them appearing on July 30th, where the county was able to confirm 4 total cases.

89 of these 106 cases in Floyd County have fully recovered and have been released from public health monitoring. This means out of the 106 people Floyd County has confirmed that have COVID-19, only 17 of them currently have and are dealing with the symptoms of the virus. 

Fortunately, Floyd County did not have a new COVID-19 related death this week and is steady at 2.

Now to take a look at the surrounding counties:

Chickasaw County only had one new virus case this week and is now at a grand total of 48 – with 44 of them fully recovered. Meaning, nearly 92% of their confirmed cases have recovered.

Cerro Gordo County is averaging more than 10 new virus cases per day and is at 567. And 17 of these cases ended in a COVID-19 related death.


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