IHSAA and IGHSAU release fall sports guidelines; football practices allowed to start August 10th statewide

Football, volleyball, cross country, and swimming – also known as the fall sports for Iowa high school athletics – are set to go starting last August and September. On Wednesday, the Iowa High School Athletic Association and the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union released their protocols for schools to follow. 

Superintendent of Riceville and Osage school districts and member of the boys IHSAA Barb Schwamman says the association is hopeful after using softball and baseball as Iowa’s exclusive dry-run.


Football, cross country, and volleyball’s first eligible practice day is August 10th and looks to be upheld.

The individual school district will be able to choose whether or not to play a specific sport.

If a school opts out of playing the sport and a student still wants to participate, he or she has two options:


  • Enroll to a different district school for that particular sport
  • Find a different district all together and enroll for that sport in that school


Spectators must wear masks and sit 6 feet apart.

Lastly, concession stands will be closed to start the season.




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