After the weekend: Floyd County spikes 13 cases in 3 days

In an after the weekend update, Floyd County COVID-19 cases spiked over 13 cases in 3 days – bringing the grand total to 126 in the county. The biggest run of new COVID-19 cases since late June where 15 cases were confirmed over a 3 day period. 

90 of these 126 Floyd County cases have fully recovered – which there are still 36 active confirmed cases in the county.

The surrounding counties had a better overall weekend as Chickasaw County confirmed 2 new cases of the virus, and Mitchell County had a clean weekend with zero.

Mitchell County: 76 cases, 66 recovered = 10 active confirmed cases

Chickasaw County: 50 cases, 45 recovered = 5 active confirmed cases

Howard County: 48 cases, 35 recovered = 13 active confirmed cases


Carter Melrose

Carter bullied his way onto the KCHA radio waves after spending 4 years at the University of Iowa as a studying journalist. He writes news, short stories, features, but more than anything, he has a proclivity to wax philosophically.
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