Charles City school district answers questions about their ‘Return to Learn’ plan

The Charles City school district delivered their ‘Return to Learn’ plan last week to eager parents. The plan was revealed to be a hybrid plan with the kindergarten through 5th graders being in class 5 days a week. The plan also included an opt-out clause for parents queasy about any in-class learning – this option allows the parents to implement a 100% online classroom called ‘School to You’.

Now this week, the district has released answers to questions parents might still have about the plan:

A common question asked is whether the new hybrid plan is permanent or not:

“No. This is a “phased reopening”.  We are doing this to keep our entire Charles City and Floyd County community safe. By slowly bringing our schools back to full attendance we hope to avoid large community spread spikes in COVID cases. We want to use this slower reopening to monitor cases and ensure that we continue to be safe and make adjustments to our safety plans. If by October 5 the community spread metrics are stable, we plan to open for full attendance 5 days per week.”

Another question is whether fall sports and activities will be happening:

“Yes. As of now this we are still having activities and athletics. We are using the guidance from the Iowa High School Athletic Association, Iowa High School Girls Union, Iowa High School Music Association, and Iowa High School Speech Association on how to safely restart these activities. They have been providing research based guidance on how to mitigate and and provide these activities as safely as possible. There will be major changes to how they operate to accommodate these changes, but we are doing our best to continue to offer these to our students as we know the importance they have on our kids’ development.”

School will be starting 45 minutes later than last year, why is this:

“This is to allow our buses additional time to get students to school. To social distance our bus routes as required by the State of Iowa, we needed to add additional routes and time to get all kids to our campuses. In addition, we are giving our staff additional time each day to serve our students with online content for our School to You program.”

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