Going into the weekend: 19 new Floyd County virus cases since Monday

Another work week, another Floyd County COVID-19 spike. On August 6th alone, the county was hit with 6 new cases of the virus. Since Monday, Floyd County is up 19 confirmed cases; with a grand total of 145 virus cases. This means that over 13% of Floyd County’s virus cases have come in the last 4 days. 

94 of these 145 cases are fully recovered – meaning 49 active confirmed cases.

Surrounding counties have had a much better week:

Chickasaw County had 3 new cases since August 3rd and has 54 total; 47 recovered, equals 7 active cases.

Mitchell County had 2 new cases since August 3rd and sits at 78 total; 67 recovered, equals 9 active cases.

All of this data comes from which has added a new section over the last week called ‘Percentage Analysis – Public Schools’ which will track the coronavirus in Iowa school districts.

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