After the weekend: 10 new Floyd County cases last 2 days; Chickasaw County has a clean weekend

After the weekend, Floyd County has seen yet another day of spiking as on August 8th, the county was able to confirm 8 new cases of the virus; with 2 others coming over the weekend. This means 10 total weekend cases have propped the grand total to 156 in the area.

In Floyd County 96 of the 156 cases have recovered; 2 people have died; meaning 58 active virus cases remain.

In contrast, Chickasaw County had a clean virus weekend and didn’t pick up a new confirmed case and still rests at 54 cases. 49 of these 54 cases are fully recovered and released from public health monitoring; which means 5 active cases are left. 

The same type of weekend goes for Mitchell County as they incurred zero new cases over the weekend; their last case coming on August 5th. Mitchell County sits at 78 cases with 67 of them fully recovered; which equals 11 active cases remaining. 


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