Area fields still need more rain; Wednesday and Thursday rain is possible

Much needed rain fell in the area on Sunday, but fields and lawns are still lacking 

necessary moisture.  On Sunday, Charles City reported about a tenth of an inch, but the 

New Hampton area saw more rainfall, in the neighborhood of a third of an inch.  Mason 

City received about a half-inch of rain on Sunday.  Rainfall amounts for July in the area 

were about 1.8 inches below normal, with the normal rainfall of 4.8 inches.  And, there 

hasn’t been a significant rainfall in the area since July 19th.  Many lawns and gardens 

are showing the stress of a lack of moisture, and crops in the area are in need of 

moisture to reach maturity.  There is a slight change of rain today, and another chance 

in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

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