Charles City school district talks procedures for when a student or staff tests positive for the virus

During Monday’s school board meeting, the Charles City School District layed out and fully dissected their ‘Return to Learn’ plan for the fall. The plan is a hybrid model, and masks will be required in places like common areas and those where social distancing is impossible. 

Though, they also discussed a hot topic: what happens if a student or teacher tests positive for COVID-19?

The first rule was clear: those who are awaiting a COVID-19 test result should not attend school.

District Principal Marcia DeVore explains that a student or teacher who tests positive for the virus may return to school after specific criteria are met:


But, if the test is negative, the person may return to school after 24 hours without a fever AND their symptoms are non-existing or improving. 

Though, the conversation widens when considering ‘close contact’ or what happens to students and staff who are often near someone who has already tested positive.


If determined as a ‘close contact’ with someone who has tested positive, students may return to school 14 days after last contact and if they have no symptoms. 

For staff identified as a ‘close contact’ of a positive case, they should follow the same procedures as a student. Though, DeVore says there is an exception built into the state’s mandates.


But, DeVore says the ‘operating principle’ for the staff is to quarantine for 14 days.

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