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Unlike many area schools, Sumner-Fredericksburg opts to send K-12 100% on-site this fall

With most area schools like Charles City and Osage opting to implement an 80-20 model of learning, the Sumner-Fredericksburg school district has gone a different direction and has decided to go back to school on August 24th with completely on-site learning for all age groups.

Superintendent of Sumner-Fred Fred Matlage says he knows this could change instantaneously if given new information:


Districts like Charles City are only having their kindergarten through 5th grade students on-site each day, with their middle schoolers and high schoolers attending about half of the week – with online lessons incorporated into off-site days.

Conversely, Sumner-Fred will have every student, regardless of age group, on-site to start the year. If new information arises that forces the district to recalculate, they have a safety-net set up in the form of a ‘hybrid learning’ model that will look closer to how Charles City is starting the year.

Overall, Matlage asks the public for grace going forward:


For Sumner-Fred’s full ‘return to learn’ document, go to: https://www.sfcougars.org/vnews/display.v/SEC/Return%20to%20Learn


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