Over in Greene, kids use lemonade stand/bake sale to raise money for fire department and city pool

Over in Greene, Iowa a heartwarming story came out of a bag of lemons. Traditionally, lemonade stands are made by young children and after making $25 dollars or less, the kids go on a candy shopping spree. 

Not these kids. 

Kathy Siemons, Emilia Siemons, and Ella Jones all helped create a lemonade stand in Greene and after making $300, decided to give back to the community. A $100 check was given to the local firemen, ambulance service, and city pool. 

The trio, assisted by many area friends, also raised this money through bake sale efforts and a mini-car wash.

The Greene Recorder reports that: Ali Johnson, Charlotte Shook, Frannie Shook, Theodore Shook, Ben Shook, Zoey Parno, Piper Parno, Austin Spain, Sawyer Westendorf, and Cameron Bartels all helped raise the money.

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