Going into the weekend: Floyd County with 16 new virus cases during work week

Going into the weekend, the virus case count for Floyd County is nearing 200 at 181. During the work week, the county confirmed another 16 cases – with a huge day of cases coming on Monday where the county confirmed 11 in total. 

Overall, the county has confirmed 181 cases – 146 of these cases have recovered – and 3 of these resulted in a COVID-19 related death. This means, 32 active cases remain in the zip code.

Amid Gov. Kim Reynolds announcing coronavirus case tracking ‘glitch’, Chickasaw County saw a similar spike in single day numbers Monday with 8 (the most confirmed cases for Chickasaw County in a single day since the pandemic started). The work week for the county confirmed 11 total cases – pushing the grand total to 79.

And finally, Mitchell County had a relatively tame week – only confirming 4 new cases of the virus and sliding the total to 86 overall. 

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