IC school in Charles City holds ‘Wildcat Kickoff Camp’ to acclimate children to new COVID-19 protocols

Immaculate Conception (IC) school in Charles City is going back to school this coming week with full on-campus learning. According to teacher Jeanne Hansen, this is because her class sizes are small enough to create ample opportunity for social distancing. But before August 24ths start date, IC school decided to do something new called the ‘Wildcat Kickoff Camp’ which played out this week and involved students coming to school for 3 hours a day to re-acclimate into a ‘new-normal’ school atmosphere.

Hansen says the camp went great:


IC school also wanted to make sure the students understood what 6-feet of distance from one another actually looked and felt like.


For Hansen, this ‘soft opening’ of the campus, allowed her to see what clicked and didn’t click in the kid’s heads. This way over the weekend, the team will be able to pivot and recalibrate for next week. Especially when it comes to online learners.


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