CWC in New Hampton reopens to middle school students

As of Monday, New Hampton middle schoolers are allowed to workout again – at least, in the Chickasaw Wellness Complex (CWC). The gym released a statement to open the week asking parents to make sure their children know if they attend the gym, they need to be productive there.

The post continues by explaining what ‘productive’ actually means: 

“Due to precautions that we have in place with Covid we ask that they come in to work out and to take advantage of the nice weather for socializing and playing. Socializing in the lounge needs to be limited and if they want to lift weights we need a consent form signed.”

The CWC asks students 5th grade and above to bring their own basketballs – though if they don’t have one, the gym can supply a sanitized one.

Lastly, the weight room has a limit of 4 people, so if the student needs a spotter, they should check with CWC staff beforehand. 

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