After a nearly 6 month summer vacation, Charles City schools are back in action

After a nearly 6 month summer vacation, Charles City schools are finally back in classes. At least, 85% of the district’s students – as 15% of the area’s students decided to opt for the school’s complete online learning program. 

Either way, school is back and Communications Director Justin DeVore is pumped and confident in the school’s mitigation protocols they have put in place.

In order for the students to stay in person for classes, the district is intently following a telling statistic. On this statistic is called ‘% Positive Cases By County (Past 14 Day Average)’. If this number reaches a certain threshold, school will close again.

As of August 27th, the percentage is at a relatively low 6%.

The school would need to reevaluate at 15% – but DeVore says reaching 20% would mostly likely mean the school would need to go back online.

If this number stays down and everything goes to plan, DeVore says the school district expects to be completely back in classes on that October 5th rework date.


Carter Melrose

Carter bullied his way onto the KCHA radio waves after spending 4 years at the University of Iowa as a studying journalist. He writes news, short stories, features, but more than anything, he has a proclivity to wax philosophically.
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