Going into the weekend: virus numbers for Floyd, Chickasaw, Mitchell Counties; new school-bound statistic

A relatively average amount of new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Floyd County during the work week of August 24th through the 28th – at 8 new cases. This pushed the grand total in the county to 211. 

171 of these 211 cases in the county are fully recovered and have been released by public health monitoring. The county still sits at 3 deaths – which means there are a total of 37 active cases of the virus currently in Floyd County.

Chickasaw County is nearing 100 cases at 96 total – with 78 of the cases being fully recovered – leaving 18 active cases.

Finally, in Mitchell County, the case count is at 94 – with 76 of them fully recovered – leaving 18 active cases.

Since school has started all around Iowa, a new statistic is being watched by each individual district. This percentage is called ‘% Positive Analysis’ on and if this number goes between 15-20%, Gov. Kim Reynolds will allow schools to go back online.

Floyd County as of August 28th: 5.3%

Chickasaw County as of August 28th: 11%

Mitchell County as of August 28th: 4.2%

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