Floyd County farm earns Heritage Farm status (150 years)

The ‘Century Farm Program’ is an Iowa Department of Agriculture program that honors those individuals who have owned the farm land for 100 years or more – and the ‘Heirtage Award’? Honors those who have owned their farm for more than 150.

This year, Floyd County has several winners of the Century Farm Program:

  • Brenda, Dennis, and Pamala Dight out of Charles City (1920-2020)
  • Dennis and Tracy Wiebke out of Nashua (1920-2020)

And only one winner of the Heiritage Farm Program:

  • Gerald Gabel out of Rockford (1870-2020)

Chickasaw County had many Century winners but no Heirtage farms in 2020:

  • Joachim Prairie Farms LLC, Alta Vista (1892-2020)
  • Andy Meyer out of Waukcama (1885-2020)
  • Cletus and Doris Ries out of New Hampton (1910-2020)
  • Clifford Schilling out of Nashua (1919-2020)
  • Ann Webster out of Lawler (1920-2020)

All of these farms will be honored and recognized at the 2021 State Fair.


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