Global warming could cause Iowa to lose its status as the country’s corn and soybean leader

Right now, Iowa is the corn and soybean production leader in the country. But according to former ISU Extension Agricultural Economist Don Hofstrand, if global warming continues as it has – that could change. 


Hofstrand predicts that Canada will start producing these crops at a large clip – and that southern and central Minnesota will most likely be the production leader for both corn and soybeans in the next 20-30 years. 

These yields dropping in Iowa will force nationwide quality to dip – as Minnesota soil doesn’t compare to Iowa.


Hofstrand only sees two solutions to this farmer inevitability:

  1. Stop the warming of the Earth.


  1. Create hybrid crops that are able to produce huge yields at higher temperatures.

He says research has been done on number 2 – but not nearly enough.

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