Free apple picking at Carrie Lane Chapman Catt Home/Museum this weekend

Apples galore! Ripe and ready to pick apples are currently hanging from the orchard trees at the Carrie Lane Chapman Catt Museum (2379 Timber Avenue). Normally, the house does a apple picking event around this time – but Cheryl Erb and her team didn’t feel it would be right to invite tons of people to the grounds all at once. 

Instead, this weekend there will be windows in which community members can come and pick apples – all free of charge.

The apple picking tools will be available from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. this weekend – though at any time people can come and pick a plump apple.

The variety of apple trees is fairly wide:

Erb says this year the apple cider press will not be running. Their biggest concern is that many apples will go to waste – so she encourages people to take as many as they want (within reason).

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