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Wildwood Golf Course gearing up for 2nd round of deer hunting

Wildwood Golf Course in Charles City has had deer problems over the last couple of years – with reports of stray deer carving up greens and fairways. And in 2019, Charles City gave the Park and Recreation Board the green light to allow hunting in the woods near the course.

And almost 21,000 people had a problem with it. 

A petition titled ‘Please Save the Wildwood Deer’ ( was created and signed 20,699 times. This petition claimed:

The City of Charles City has decided to take the unusual move of wanting an entire herd of deer to be killed, possibly as large as 150 deer.”

This claim turned out to be an over-exaggeration as the first deer hunt in November resulted in: one buck and one doe.

Park and Rec Director Tyler Mitchell says he saw a bit of improvement after the first hunt.

For this year’s hunt, Mitchell has received 10 depredation tags for antler-less deer. He hopes this can stifle the backlash a bit.

Mitchell says Park and Rec is setting up times for precision shooting in order to grant some hunters access to the area.


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