OPINION: KCHA staff predict the Vikings, Packers, and Chiefs 2020 record; Week 1

Welcome to the first showing of pandemic football! The season starts in literal HOURS – and that makes it obviously time for the KCHA staff to predict the NFL season with unequivocal accuracy. This is also a prelude to the football themed show that both me (Carter Melrose) and our Sports Director Nolan Peters, will be doing every Thursday at 12:30 on Middays with Melrose called the ‘Coffin Corner’ – where we normally would talk Vikings, Packers, Chiefs, Iowa State, and Iowa football (a tear is flowing down my face thinking of a year without Hawkeye football) each week.

*Rubs hands together*

(Opinions to come held by Carter Melrose)

Vikings 2020 Outlook:

Kirk Cousins is again the starting quarterback for the Vikings – this alone could make any team with Super Bowl aspirations queasy – as Cousins is known to disappear in big games. Though, that doesn’t tell the whole story. In the off-season, the Vikings traded away one of their largest and most stubborn talents in Stefon Diggs – leaving Bisi Johnson as their second boundary wide receiver (don’t worry, I don’t know who he is either).

However, the team also decided to continue to bolster an already-elite defense with tons of new pieces like Yannick Ngakoue – and Dalvin Cook is easily one of the best backs in the league. Whats the problem, you ask – the Vikings have one of the hardest starting schedules in the NFL – with the first 7 games being scary enough to shiver uncontrollably in your boots:

Week 1: vs. Packers (2019 record: 13-3)

Week 2: @ Colts (2019 record: 7-9)

Week 3: vs. Titans (2019 record: 9-7)

Week 4: @ Texans (2019 record: 10-6)

Week 5: @ Seahawks (2019 record: 11-5)

Week 6: vs. Falcons (2019 record: 7-9)

Week 7: @ Packers (2019 record: 13-3)

First 7 opponents combined 2019 record: 70-42 (63%)

Good luck in the first part of the schedule, Vikings fans… Without a shred of pessimism, all of these games could result in a loss. Though, the second half eases off the gas considerably and the Vikings rarely miss the playoffs.

That being said –

Carter Vikings 2020 Prediction: 10-6

Kay Winkelman Vikings 2020 Prediction: 12-4

Chris Berg Vikings 2020 Prediction: 8-8

Nolan Peters Vikings 2020 Prediction: 10-6

Average: 10-6


Chiefs 2020 Outlook:

The Chiefs are one major injury away from being a terrible team. No literally, if Patrick Mahomes goes down they would have to toss ole’ man Chad Henne into the shark tank. However, if Mahomes makes it through the season, you better believe they could run away with it. 15-1, 14-2 is definitely in the range of outcomes for this juggernaut. The bazillion dollar man that Mahomes became in the off-season has Tyreke Hill, Travis Kelce, and a herd of speedsters who could drop help him drop 50 on your favorite team the minute you get up to refill the salsa bowl. Not to mention, the team may have drafted one of the best scheme-fit backs in Clyde Edwards-Helaire to round out the squad.

If you thought I was done glorifying the Chiefs, you’d be wrong:

The Chiefs averaged 29.9 points per game in 2019 (ranked 2nd in the league)

Their defense? Allowed 19.2 points per game in 2019 (ranked 7th in the league.

So, lets do the math. A top 10 offense and defense. Wouldn’t you say Mahomes could quite easily put up 20 points per game? That’s what I thought.

That being said, look for a repeat:

Carter Chiefs 2020 Prediction: 13-3

Kay Chiefs 2020 Prediction: 10-6

Chris Chiefs 2020 Prediction: 11-5

Nolan Chiefs 2020 Prediction: 12-4

Average: 11.75-4.5


Packers 2020 Outlook:

The Packers did something quite unusual at the end of the 1st round in 2020 NFL Draft – they drafted a QB. Jordan Love to be exact – a player well known to be raw and talented. What did this say to me and the world? Aaron Rodgers has a ticking clock in Green Bay. The ticking clock is much like what Brett Farve dealt with back in the early 2000’s when Aaron Rodgers had sat in his shadow – waiting for his time in the sun. And quote me on this: Jordan Love will have his time in the sun in the next 3 seasons for the Green Bay Packers. But what does this season have in store for the Packers? I’m thinking a downturn. The Packers went 13-3 last season due to Rodger’s ability to get them out of close calls and, largely, due to a laughably easy schedule. This team is dry in the talent department outside of Aaron Jones and Davante Adams. Those players need to CARRY this offense, or the Packers might suffer the fate of again hitting a wall when playing someone with a formidable defense – such as the 49ers (example: 2019 NFC Championship Game).

That being said:

Carter Packers 2020 Prediction: 10-6

Kay Packers 2020 Prediction: 11-5

Chris Packers 2020 Prediction: 7-9

Nolan Packers 2020 Prediction: 11-5

Average: 9.75-6.25


That’s it… but since you are still here, listen to the first episode of Coffin Corner where Nolan and I choose the week 1 games:




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