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Charles City city council expand on animal neglect ordinance; PAWS director weighs in

A new standard was created for all the pet owners in Charles City at Monday’s city council meeting. The city has expanded its ordinance in regards to animal neglect. 

This update was done for two major reasons. The first was that the state had updated its code provisions on animal neglect and secondly because Charles City’s last ordinance on the matter wasn’t very extensive – only ranging about a paragraph in length.

This new ordinance spans over two pages and has 6 main clauses. PAWS Director Julie Taylor says this is a step in the right direction for creating safe lives for animals in the area.


The first expansion sees the city detailing food standards. Pet owners in Charles City must now supply their animal with food ‘in an amount and quality reasonably sufficient to satisfy the animal’s basic nutrition level’ to ensure their animal’s life isn’t endangered.


The owner needs to also supply water in an amount ‘reasonably sufficient to satisfy the animal’s basic nutrition level’. And the code specifies that access to snow or ice does not count.

The document also covers proper shelter, animal waste, and even grooming standards.


Taylor says she hopes one day the ordinance can be extended even further to include the emotional wellbeing of the animal.

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