Charles City’s skatepark is officially gone; brand new skatepark in the works

The nearly 17 year old Charles City skate park is officially gone. Back in August, the city council decided that the splintered plywood and bolt-scarce ramps were more of a safety hazard than an amenity. Park and Rec Director Tyler Mitchell says the demolition will be worth it for what the department has planned:


Back in 2018, the Park and Rec department was spit-balling about a brand new city skatepark that would cost at least 6-digits. They designated $10,000 as seed money for the skatepark and this idea is still well on the table.


The other big question is where should this potential skatepark be erected. Mayor Dean Andrews believes the spot the old one was over by Lions Field Park was in a secluded place, that many didn’t feel comfortable going to in the evening. This is something the Park and Rec department is keeping in mind as they continue to plan.

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