Dave’s Restaurant in Charles City gets new owner; 2 days later closes for 2 weeks because of virus

Dave’s Restaurant in Charles City is a crowd favorite for breakfast and beyond. Dave Holschlag owned and operated the Charles City gem for nearly 30 years – but this week, he decided to pass the restaurant’s torch and keys to Kim McIntire (Kimmer).

A farewell Facebook post reads:

“[Dave] He would also love to thank all of his employees for being part of his Dave’s family over the years. He would like to thank Dave’s customers whom he will truly miss, although you will see him around as he helps Kimmer through her transition to ownership. Kimmer has worked for Dave for about twenty years. You can expect continued quality and service under her ownership, along with some fresh, new ideas to be added in the near future.”

Then two days later, Dave’s Restaurant was forced to close for the second time. 

The alert reads:

“This is a hard post to make on my second day of ownership. We have been in touch with public health today and for the health and safety of our staff and customers. Dave’s will be temporarily closing. Stay safe, stay healthy, we look forward to serving you on October 6th.”

In a followup post, Kimmer said the restaurant had been left with limited staff – which is the main reason to shut down for the next 2 weeks. 

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