Floyd County’s virus cases in June and July combined for 100; now 117 in September alone


During the work week of September 21st through the 25th alone, Floyd County Public Health confirmed 31 cases of COVID-19; pushing the grand total in the county to 341 (with 3 deaths). To put this perspective, the entire month of July the county confirmed only 51 cases. This widens a trend that has been happening in the county as well as the country – more and more accumulative confirmed cases each month.

Over the summer months the county confirmed:

  • June: 49 cases
  • July: 51 cases
  • August: 95 cases
  • And in 24 days of September: 117 cases

In Chickasaw County, September has been equally difficult – as the three highest confirmed case days since the pandemic began have all come in the last couple of weeks:

  • September 8th – 23 cases
  • September 15th – 16 cases
  • September 21st – 10 cases

Total in Chickasaw County: 247 cases

There are many possible reasons for this steady case upswing around the state. One of them is the fact that testing has slowly become more available in the country. Another explanation is that Fall activities have started in September. 

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