Charles City schools decide to stay in ‘hybrid model’ for now; need ‘more time’ to make long-term decision

The Charles City school board held a ‘special meeting’ today to decide if the area’s students will be fully back in classes come October 5th or if they will be extending the hybrid model another 30 days. Leading up to this decision, many parents came forward in support of their child returning to classes full time – most of them questioning the quality of education their child was receiving online.

Superintendent Mike Fisher started the meeting by conceding that the school district was ‘hit hard’ with the virus in the first part of the school year. And that about a week ago, Fisher was primed to suggest to the board that the school stays in hybrid learning for the ‘foreseeable’ future.


This recommendation to the board was all set until yesterday Gov. Kim Reynolds gave the state new guidance on what defines a ‘close COVID-19 contact’.


Now Fisher is asking for more time to make this decision. With the new guidance it is theoretically possible to put the 6th through 12th grade kids in classrooms 5 days a week – but new conversations need to be had.

Fisher’s updated recommendation simply asks for more time:


The board unanimously voted yes to Fisher’s new recommendation. Charles City schools will remain in hybrid learning until new discussions are had on how to reopen school fully using the new guidance from the state.





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