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New Hampton schools report substitute teacher shortage; creates incentive for both subs and teachers to work

Before the school year even started, many districts predicted it would be difficult to find enough substitute teachers for the year. And this is exactly what the New Hampton School Board and Superintendent Jay Jurrens is dealing with.

It was reported last week that only 38 percent of substitute positions have been filled for the district. This shortage is due to the number of retired and virus-concerned substitutes that the district normally hire.

The board recently decided it will start giving both teachers and substitutes incentive for coming into work:

  • Subs will get paid $25 more per day if they work at least 10 days a month in New Hampton school – this will be on top of the $105 that subs get paid per day
  • To incentive teachers to not take personal days, the district will give them a sum of money for every personal day that is left unused at the end of the year

Jurrens believes these two moves will cost the district $21,000 for the subs and $50,000 for the teachers.


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