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New Hampton Community Center to hold blood drive

Now there are two major benefits to donating blood:

  1. Your blood donation can directly save the life of another human being.
  2. If you donate, donation centers will also test your blood for COVID-19 antibodies. So, if you are a person who was asymptotic or wonder if you ever had the virus – here is your chance. 

Both of these can be accomplished at the October 20th New Hampton Community Blood Drive. This event is being put on by LifeServe and will be at the New Hampton Community Center from noon to 5:30 p.m. 

On the LifeServe website, the team talks about the constant blood shortage in the nation:

“…it can be avoided by consistent volunteer donor turnout. Since COVID-19 is a global issue, it’s critical to have steady donations over the next few months. There’s not a blood center in the country that’s not affected by this pandemic – which means the national blood supply is drastically impacted.”

To schedule an appointment, one should call 1-800-287-4903.


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