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95.1 The Bull ‘Chickasaw County Supervisor Candidate Forum’ recap

95.1 The Bull held a Board of Chicksaw County Supervisor forum on Thursday night with all 7 candidates. Five of the same questions were asked to all the candidates – all submitted by listeners – and they had 2 minutes per question to answer. 

The forum attendees:

District 1

David Tilkes (D)

Rick Holthaus  (N)

Mark Knoll  (N)


District 3

Jacob Hackman (R)

Joan E. Knoll (D)


District 4

Matthew Kuhn (R)

Ken Rasing (D)


The first question of the forum:

  1. As a supervisor of Chickasaw county, what makes you more qualified than 

the other candidates:


Mark Knoll says he might not have the political experience of the other candidates, but he is good at pooling ideas.


The second and third question were about hot-button topics in Chickasaw County:


  1. Rumor has it that candidates may plan to eliminate Chickasaw County First 

Responders and Chickasaw County Rescue Squad. What is your position on this?


Each and every candidate squashed this rumor and showed praise for this service. 


Rick Holthaus says it would be a big blow to lose it.


  1. Since the essential service tax option will not be on the November ballot, 

how will an ambulance service be funded by Chickasaw County? 


Joan E. Knoll says that collaboration would be the most important part of troubleshooting this issue.


Matthew Kuhn thinks that the area needs to continue towards the ultimate goal of setting up a 357F. 


  1. Our county facilities such as the jail, sheriff’s office, courthouse, etc. are continuing to age. We need a progressive plan for the future. As a supervisor what are your plans for addressing this and what would be your stance on an updated law enforcement center similar to every surrounding county in Northeast Iowa? 


Jacob Hackman believes there are alternatives to paying 5-7 million dollars to build a new county jail. 


And the last question of the forum:


  1. What do you see as the most important issue facing the board of supervisors 

and what would be your best remedy? 


David Tilkes thinks there are several he can point at.


Ken Rasing argues it is the negative press and stories that continue to develop in the boardroom.


To watch the entire forum and hear everybody’s answers, go to:


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