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Floyd County Conservation: this weekend is last chance to camp

Spring and summer are often known as the ‘camping seasons’. This is why this coming weekend is the last opportunity the community will have to camp via RV or tent in Floyd County this year. Conservationist Heidi Reams encourages campers to take a final outdoor holiday.


The weekend of October 10-11 was uncharacteristically warm for early October – with temperatures hanging out around the 80 degree threshold both Friday and Saturday.

This coming weekend will not boast the same skies – as Friday’s high in the Charles City area is 54 degrees. Saturday’s high is a bit better at 65 degrees. And finally, Sunday should be cloudy all day and post a 47 degree high. 

Reams promises that if patrons can’t get their fill during this final weekend, that Floyd County Conservation has a way to troubleshoot that issue:

For more information on the cabins:


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